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    0000-00-00 00:00:00

    Sorry everyone I've been away due to school, but its almost over! I'm going to have a few goals with my return. Complete rubies, make metal and dark type and figure out some sort of "toxic" type. I will also make the new generation types if I can find where to get the sprites. I'm excited to have x&y plus the mega evos. So stay tuned Pokemon toxic, things are about to get amazing!


    Post By: Breeding Has Been added



    2014-04-22 17:25:16

    Breeding Has Been Added Into The Rpg I promised Id Add It So Now It Has Been Added Please Remeber There Is A Non Breedable List.


    Post By: Chat Room Update



    2014-04-13 14:43:01

    Just wanted to remind users that the chatroom logs ips and usernames on login. Any spammers will be ip banned and username banned.


    Post By: A few New Things



    2014-04-11 19:39:20

    Just thought i would post a update. I have been away from coding for a few weeks due to real life problems i am now back. A few things i wanted to mention we are now looking for staff members please register to the forum to check that out. Also breeding will be added in a few hours. There is also a not breedable list.I am also testing out live ajax battles. Updates should be hitting the rpg thick and fast from now on.Also 'xXFrancisXx won the user challenge and got a gold reshiram has a reward.


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