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    Post By: Chat Room Update



    2014-04-13 14:43:01

    Just wanted to remind users that the chatroom logs ips and usernames on login. Any spammers will be ip banned and username banned.


    Post By: A few New Things



    2014-04-11 19:39:20

    Just thought i would post a update. I have been away from coding for a few weeks due to real life problems i am now back. A few things i wanted to mention we are now looking for staff members please register to the forum to check that out. Also breeding will be added in a few hours. There is also a not breedable list.I am also testing out live ajax battles. Updates should be hitting the rpg thick and fast from now on.Also 'xXFrancisXx won the user challenge and got a gold reshiram has a reward.


    Post By: User Challenge



    2014-04-10 13:40:38

    Just so everyone knows user challenge will finish on monday uk time.Again the prize will be any pokemon the user wants. So that is today and tomorrow.Good luck to everyone.


    Post By: 1000 Users



    2014-04-01 15:20:27

    Happy 1000 users and happy April fools day to all! Instead of trickery I've decided to give you guys 2 cool promos one now and one later on tonight both free!


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